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The Belgian family enterprise FRIGRO, founded in 1980, is well known in the cooling world, as a reliable partner for the realisation of your cooling, climatisation and insulation projects.

Together with various Congolese partners, FRIGRO is able to provide you with our expertise, installation and a stock of goods, available locally in the market.


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Freezing/Cooling unit type AFRIGRO

Export units

Cold/freezing room operating on solar energy

Frigro Solar

Freezing/cooling unit, ready to plug

Unit adapted to the needs of your local market, for rooms of 100 m³ - 250 m³.

  • Unit adapted to local circumstances - possibility to branch on the electric grid or to a generator.
  • Specific modifications to respond to high ambient temperatures and high humidity.
  • Electric protection.
  • Unit ready to plug version monobloc or split.

Cold/freezing room with solar panels

Cold room for a wide variation of applications (mortuary, stock of food supplies, medicaments, ...) stored at 5 or -18°C, operating on solar energy.

  • Applications of 5 / -18°C
  • Powered by solar energy
  • Independent of the power grid


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Frigro Solar


Custom projects

Supplier of refrigeration components

Ice Machine Frigro Export Projects


Frigro, your partner for your refrigeration needs

For the realisation of all kinds of refrigeration projects, one can count on Frigro as a reliable partner. We can supply all kinds of equipments, materials and know-how for commercial and industrial cooling and freezing installations.

  • Cold rooms.
  • Freezing rooms.
  • Freezing tunnels.
  • Ice machines.
  • ...

Supplier of all kinds of refrigeration components

Frigro can supply refrigeration components of different high quality brands.

  • Compressors and condensing units.
  • Evaporators and condensers.
  • Electric measurement equipment.
  • Mechanical measurement equipment.
  • Refrigeration accessories.
  • Insulation material.
  • Tools.